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Leading Suppliers of Wind-Driven Roof Mounted Ventilation Systems NZ

If you need a roof ventilation system for your NZ property that is effective, low cost, and maintenance-free, we have the solution you need at Roofquip. We can also help if you need a ventilation solution for a vehicle or marine application. All our products are made to the highest standards of quality, they require no power source, and there is no maintenance requirement. Simply fit the ventilator and it will work.

The building roof ventilation systems we supply in NZ are suitable for any type of building. This includes residential properties, but they are mostly used on commercial and industrial buildings.

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    Our Products

    Skyaxis Wind-Driven Ventilators

    Wind-driven ventilators are easy to fit plus they run on their own. The Skyaxis products we supply are manufactured with corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance.


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    Flettner Vehicle Ventilators

    Whatever type of vehicle you have, whatever you use it for, and whatever ventilation problem you have, we have the solution at Roofquip. We are the sole agents for industry-leading Flettner vehicle ventilators in NZ.


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    Spanquip Mid-Span Supports

    These innovative mid-span supports designed by our team for NZ roofing profiles will take the hassle out of fitting support bars for your translucent roof. You will save time and money and will reduce the risk of damage.


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    Roof Vent Benefits for Your NZ Property or Vehicle

    At Roofquip, we are the leading supplier of roof vent solutions for NZ properties and vehicles. The benefits of choosing our products include:

    • Low cost – competitive prices, no running costs, and no maintenance costs
    • Easy to install – installation is quick, and we have solutions for all types of building and vehicle roof
    • Highly effective – remove stale, hot, and damp air as well as fumes, pollution, and odours
    • Tough and durable – manufactured from the best materials to ensure ultra-reliable performance, whatever the conditions

    Best Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Systems NZ

    At Roofquip, we specialise in providing commercial and industrial ventilation solutions across NZ. Customers choose us because of the quality and performance of the products in our range, our affordable prices, and the high standards of customer service we deliver.

    We’ll help ensure you get the right ventilation solution for your building and your requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that makes the air inside your building safer, healthier, and more comfortable.

    As our ventilation solutions are wind-powered, they are environmentally friendly. Plus, as there is no power source required, installation couldn’t be easier. Furthermore, with the waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials used in the manufacture of your ventilation solution, you won’t have to worry about them again once they are fitted.

    To speak to a member of our expert team and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please call us on 03 579 5086 or email us on [email protected].

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    The Best Roof Air Vents in NZ to Deliver the Best Results

    At Roofquip, we know the roof ventilation industry and can provide you with wind-driven  roof ventilation systems. That’s why we recommend Skyaxis roof air vents, as we know the Skyaxis range delivers the best blend of performance, durability, and affordability.

    Whatever the conditions inside your building, the roof vents we provide will ensure the air is being continuously replaced. The vents can effectively remove damp, stale, and hot air as well as fumes, odours, and air-borne pollutants.

    We have different sizes and designs available for any size of building, from smaller sheds and commercial buildings to large commercial and industrial buildings. In these situations, our expert team will develop a customised commercial ventilation solution, optimising the quantity and placement of your roof air vents for maximum performance.

    The options available include:

    • Curved vane roof ventilation systems – curved vane roof vents are highly versatile as they deliver high levels of performance in all types of weather. Whatever the wind conditions, the curved design ensures an effective performance.
    • Straight vane roof ventilation systems – straight vane roof vents deliver higher levels of exhaust. This design ensures maximum performance for larger warehouses / commercial and industrial buildings.

    Are You Looking for Commercial Roof Vents in New Zealand?

    We’ve got what you are looking for if you need wind-driven roof air vents. When you choose us, you’ll get high-quality roof vents from industry-leading manufacturer Skyaxis with professional and excellent customer service.

    To find out more about your options and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us today.

    How Do Wind-Driven Roof Air Vents Work?

    The roof ventilation systems that we provide here at Roofquip are fit-and-forget as they require minimal, if any, maintenance, and they cost nothing to run.

    Wind makes the vanes on the roof vent spin, even a gentle breeze is enough to make them rotate.

    The air inside your building can also impact how the ventilation system works. Specifically, as hot air in your building rises, it will move towards the roof vents. This air will then escape through the turbine. In doing so, it also helps the vent rotate.

    More air is then drawn to the top of the building and out the vent as it rotates. Hot air, smells, condensation, and fumes are taken out with it. While this is happening, fresh air is drawn into the building from other sources.

    It is a simple concept made possible by the excellent design of the Skyaxis systems that we provide.

    It is also important to remember that the performance of roof ventilation systems is also dependant on the number of vents installed on your roof, as well as the size, design, and positioning.

    10 Advantages of Wind-Driven Roof Ventilation

    1. Wind-driven roof vents work and are effective in most situations.
    2. They don’t require power or anything else to operate, so wind-driven roof vents cost nothing to run once installed.
    3. The roof vents we provide require minimal, if any, maintenance.
    4. Your building will become more comfortable for occupants and those using it. It will be cooler, particularly in the summer months, and the air will be cleaner and fresher. Our roof vents also help to remove unpleasant odours and fumes.
    5. You can enhance safety in your building as your roof ventilation system will help to remove fumes and other pollutants.
    6. Makes your building healthier as roof vents remove humid, moisture-laden air, helping to prevent mould.
    7. In residential applications the roof air vents will help remove warm, moist air from your attic space helping to keep your house cooler.
    8. Removing moisture will also help prevent your building from suffering the damage that moisture can cause.
    9. In commercial premises, roof vents can enhance productivity by providing workers with a cleaner and more comfortable environment.
    10. Our roof ventilation systems fit most types of roofs, and they are a cost-effective ventilation option.

    Wind Powered Roof Ventilation FAQs

    Do wind-powered roof vents reduce energy costs?

    Yes, the roof vents we provide at Roofquip are wind-powered, so they cost nothing to run. They also help to reduce your energy costs as they will lower the temperature in your building.

    Will your roof vents withstand harsh weather conditions?

    Skyaxis roof vents are designed to cope with all New Zealand weather conditions.

    What size of roof vents will I need?

    This depends on the size of your building, what it’s used for, and the layout. A member of our team will provide advice on the size, quantity, and type of roof vent that you need.

    Are your roof vents noisy?

    No, they barely make any noise at all. In most buildings, the roof vents can’t be heard at all.

    I want the roof vent to provide cool and fresh air to a room below a ceiling cavity. Is that possible?

    Yes, this type of installation is possible with the use of duct kits and ceiling diffusers.