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Skyaxis Wind-Powered Roof Ventilation Products

Roofquip supplies the best wind-driven roof ventilators from Skyaxis, one of the most respected names in roof venting products. Wind-powered roof ventilators can be used on buildings of all different sizes, working effectively in just about any situation. Wind-driven ventilators spin in the wind, drawing hot, stale, humid air out of the building along with any fumes, condensation, odors, or gases. With the bad air extracted, fresh, cool air takes its place. Because spinning roof ventilation does not require electricity to run, they are reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective commercial air ventilation systems.

500mm CV

Curved Vane Ventilators

Curved vane ventilators are an efficient, cost-effective solution for residential and commercial roof ventilation. Curved vane ventilators work in any weather condition, including crosswind conditions. The curved vanes of these roof venting products hold their shape, continuing to spin in any condition to ensure your building is well-ventilated. No matter what the wind is doing at the time, you can rely on Roofquip’s curved vane ventilators to keep performing.

Straight Vane Ventilators ​

Straight vane ventilators are an effective option for ventilating large structures, including industrial building ventilation. By providing the largest area possible for the horizontally driven wind to blow through, straight vane ventilators offer maximised turbine speed and enhanced ventilation performance efficiency. With a high-quality straight vane ventilator from Roofquip, your residential, commercial, or industrial building will be well-ventilated at all times.

300mmSV 1
300mm Electric Damper scaled 1

Electric Dampers​

Electric dampers can help regulate the flow of air inside a ventilator. A motorised damper makes your ventilation system even more effective, which allows you to have more control over the temperature in a building. Electric dampers are great for all kinds of structures and buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We supply high-quality electric dampers that you can rely on to perform for years to come.

Our Products

Roofquip offers a wide selection of wind-powered roof ventilators to ensure that your environment is as healthy and comfortable as possible. As a top ventilation system company, you can rely on Roofquip to help you choose the best roof venting products to suit your needs. Browse our range of wind-driven ventilators today.
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