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Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline

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Flettner is the leading name in vehicle ventilation systems. The Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline boasts an incredibly low profile, making it a convenient, safe solution for a range of vehicles, especially where height restrictions are a concern. Its flat design makes it a great ventilation system for vehicles with roof racks. Available in both black and white, the Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline is discreet and attractive once installed.

The Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline is manufactured using high-quality, machined stainless steel as well as strong, durable plastic. The unit is available in black or white.
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252mm x 58mm
Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline requires virtually no maintenance. Once installed, you can simply forget about it and allow it to do its job. If you are having any problems with your Flettner Ventilator LPV Slimline, contact the Roofquip team for assistance.

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