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Flettner Ventilator TCX-2

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Flettner is one of the most trusted names in vehicle ventilation systems. The stylish design and easy installation make the Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 an ideal option for a range of vehicles, including recreational vehicles, passenger vehicles, enclosed trailers, vehicles that carry animals, and more. The Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 is powerful and durable enough to be used on some buildings as well as fishing boats and other marine applications.

The Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 is constructed with durability in mind. The product features machined stainless steel in the shaft and the bearings, as well as components made from strong plastic. The unit is available in black and white.
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260mm x 117mm
Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 is a low-cost, convenient roof ventilation system. Once installed, no maintenance is required. If you have any problems with your Flettner Ventilator TCX-2, contact the Roofquip team for assistance.

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