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200mm Curved Vane Ventilator

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The Skyaxis 200mm Curved Vane Ventilator is one of the simplest wind-powered roof ventilators available. The 200mm Curved Vane Ventilator is a fantastic spinning roof ventilation system for fitting to pipes penetrating the roof as it excludes a base flashing and variable-pitch throat.

Skyaxis 200mm Curved Vane Ventilators are made using a lightweight aluminium alloy as well as a Fluorine Carbon Polyester Coating.
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200mm x 370mm x 320mm; 1,1kg
The 200mm Curved Vane Ventilator requires little to no maintenance or attention from you. Once installed, you can virtually forget about it as it continues to do its job. If you have any problems with your 200mm Curved Vane Ventilator, give the Roofquip team a call for assistance.

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